definition of distributor by The Free Dictionary

He was as unfitted for a judgeship as would be the average mother for the position of milk- distributor to starving children in famine-time; her own children would fare a shade better than the rest.said the mendicant; “it is becoming an advocare distributor a great honor for a poor distributor of holy water.The king had appointed him to be distributor of the stamps,” answered Grandfather.The State is to be a voluntary association that will organise labour, and be the manufacturer and distributor of necessary commodities.Consequently the distributors of earthly blessings in the shape of places, rents, shares, and such, were all his friends, and could not overlook one of their own set; and Oblonsky had no need to make any special exertion to get a lucrative post.The bank charges a distributor an average administration fee of 3% of the value of transactions and extends credit to customers for 30 to 90 days.Recognizing how difficult it is for an agent, financial planner or other distributor to perform all roles well, many carriers have chosen to develop high levels of capability across a handful of roles, which are integrated to best serve client needs during a sales or post-sale opportunity.I don’t want to have anything to do with them anymore,” said one FutureNet distributor, who requested anonymity.The taxpayer was also a gasoline wholesale distributor, purchasing tax-paid gasoline and delivering it – in the taxpayer’s trucks – to the convenience stores.This article concerns a more prosaic (but perhaps more important) candidate to be your strategic partner–your distributor.Superior joins BOC’s nationwide network of 130 independent distributor partners to whom it supplies bulk industrial gases such as argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, nitrogen and oxygen.Talbert, 31, who also produces gospel plays, expected his film to get picked up by a major distributor on the strength of its script and recognizable cast.

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